Atlantic Street

Ferguson Library

Labozza Number: A89
Title: Ferguson Library
Description: Ferguson Library addition. Text on photograph: Progress photo No 2001 Date 7-16-30 Egerton Swartwout Architect 10 E. 40 Street, New York City Hegeman-Harris Co., Contractor
Subject: Libraries, Ferguson Library, Stamford, Conn.
Street: 96 Broad St. Stamford, CT 06901
Type: Photograph

Ferguson Library. Atlantic Street

Labozza Number: A82
Title: Ferguson Library. Atlantic Street
Description: This house was purchased by the Ferguson Library in the sumer of 1889 and fitted for permanent use. The library moved from here to its new building, corner of Broad and Bedford Streets. September 1911.
Subject: Libraries, Ferguson Library, Stamford, Conn.
Type: Photograph
Format: Scanned photographic print Jan 2008, DPI 350, JPEG, with Epson, Dust Removal, 24 Bit, no Compression

First Presbyterian Church and Gothic House

Labozza Number: A64
Title: First Presbyterian Church and Gothic House
Description: The First Presbyterian Church and "Gothic House" was located corner of Broad and Atlantic Streets. The Ferguson Library was erected on the site of the Gothic House, 1910-1911. Reproduced from p. 43, Stamford and Greenwich and their points of interest; illus. New York, Mercantile Illustrating Co., 1894, by Mr. Charles Kurz, Feb. 1955.

Ferguson Library on Atlantic St

Labozza Number: A39
Title: Ferguson Library on Atlantic St.
Description: Ferguson Library building on Atlantic Street. This house was purchased by the Ferguson Library in the Summer of 1889 and fitted for permanent use. The library moved from here to its new building, corner of Broad and Bedford Streets in September 1911.
Subject: Libraries, Ferguson Library, Stamford, Conn.
Type: Photograph

Soldier's Monument

Labozza Number: A36
Title: Soldier's Monument
Description: Atlantic Street. Old Town Hall (1868) at right. "Erected by the truly loyal citizens of Stamford to the memory of her fallen braves. Requieseat in peace." 1868. Atlantic Street north-east of present memorial. Old Town- Hall at right. Developed and given to the library by Mr. W. A. McClelland.
Subject: Monuments, City & town halls, Stamford, Conn.
Type: Photograph

Town Hall (1904 pre fire)

Labozza Number: A31
Title: Town Hall (1904 pre fire)
Description: A view of Stamford's Town Hall, before the 1904 fire, located on Atlantic Street. Gift of Clinton G. Husted 1959.
Subject: City & town halls, Stamford, Conn.
Type: Photograph
Format: Scanned photographic print April 2008, DPI 350, JPEG, with Epson, Dust Removal, 24 Bit, no Compression
Time Period: 4 Feb. 1904
Dimension: 8x8 in.

Central Park

Labozza Number: A13
Title: Central Park
Description: Corner of Atlantic Street and Main Streets. Town Hall
Subject: City & town halls, Stamford, Conn., Parks
Street: Atlantic Street and Main Streets
Type: Photograph
Format: Scanned photographic print January 2008, DPI 350, JPEG, with Epson, Dust Removal, 24 Bit, no Compression
Time Period: Pre 1904
Dimension: 8x10 in.

View of Atlantic Street

Labozza Number: A1
Title: View of Atlantic Street
Description: Facing south towards St John's Roman Catholic Church. Gift of the Misses Haslam, 110 Prospect St. Jan 17, 1950.
Subject: Stamford, Conn., Houses
Street: Atlantic Street
Type: Photograph
Dimension: 8x10 in.
Time Period: 1800s
Date Original: 1890s

Atlantic Street

Postcard Number: P077
Title: Atlantic Street
Subject: Streets
Type: Postcard
Format: Scanned Postcard August 2011, DPI 350, JPG, with Epson, Dust Removal, 24 Bit, No Compress

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Gothic Hall

Postcard Number: P044
Title: Gothic Hall
Description: Corner of Broad and Atlantic Site of the Ferguson Library Circa 1910
Subject: Halls, Libraries
Type: Postcard
Format: Scanned Postcard August 2011, DPI 350, JPG, with Epson, Dust Removal, 24 Bit, No Compress
Date Original: 1910

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